2013 Fall Review

HCCFC csummit attend

Review of Fall Actions

 In preparation for our AGM we’ve again contacted health co-ops across Atlantic Canada.

  • Worked with a student in Newfoundland who was working with the Innovation, Business and Rural Development (IBRD) Department of Newfoundland.
  • We continued to meet with MP and provincial parliamentarians.
  • Thanks to Mark Sparrow of the Nova Scotia Co-op Council and Jerry MacKinlay, NS Department of Community Services we were able to invite students to our AGM.
  • Negotiated a 10% discount for the Copy Centres at Staples across Canada.  This will increase if our total for all HCCFC members goes over $1,000 a year.  If you would like the magic BPD (Business Print Discount I believe) number we contact Vanessa Hammond.
  • At the request of Hazel Corcoran and Denyse Guy, prepared a presentation focusing on factors for sustainability of health co-ops and some of you provided input for Mark Ventry, ED of OnCo-Op to give at the International Co-op Alliance – Americas, conference in Rio.
  • Provided a short report for Jean Pierre Girard to present on our behalf at the International Health Co-op Organization AGM in Cape Town this weekend and discussed the role of HCCFC in the IHCO.
  • Met with Vancity’s new Manager in Victoria, discussed the potential for further support.
  • With researchers across Canada discussed possible avenues for research.
  • Met with department chairs (medicine, nursing, social work) of Memorial University to inform them about health co-ops.
  • Delighted to be accepted as a Partner for the October 2014 Co-op Summit in Québec and invited to participate in the program.
  • With FCSDSQ discussed plans for co-operation.
  • Presentation to IBRD, Co-op Council and co-ops in Newfoundland.
  • Presentation in Moncton to Co-op Council and co-ops and discussion of province-wide meetings.