About the HCCFC

The HCCFC is the national federation of wellness, social service and health co-ops across Canada.  We provide networking and learning opportunities within and beyond our sector, show-case the work of our member co-ops and are a voice for our sector.

In July 2011 in Regina we agreed to form a Federation and are incorporated as a federal co-op.  The health, wellness and social service co-ops in each province choose who will be their representative on the Board.

Our members across Canada undertake a wide range of work in response to the specific needs in each community, the focus of the member-owners and, in some cases, the support or restrictions from the provincial government.

We meet in person for our Annual General Meeting.

Monthly Board Meetings are held by phone.

Chair:  Hugh Nelson and Doug Dowhos    250-415-9272    ChairHCCFC@gmail.com

Vice Chair:  Corey Mohr

Secretary-Treasurer:  Lorna Knudson  lknudson@sasktel.net


We gratefully acknowledge the support provided to the Federation as listed in our Gratitude statement.