HCCFC Purpose

The HCCFC exists to support and promote social service, health and wellness co-operatives in Canada through work within and beyond our sector.

We are working on this in 4 strategic areas :

  1. Relationships.  Creating and fostering relationships among members, between members and others, between the Federation and others in the health and co-op sectors.
  1. Resources and Research.  Identifying and sharing:
    • the programs and practices to strengthen the work of our member co-ops
    • the resources for the sector to continue to expand
  1. Recruitment. To attract:
    • additional members
    • a wider base of support
  1. Visibility
    • Within our local communities
    • Nationally and internationally in the wellness, social services, health and co-op communities
    • to inform the public and policy makers about the community wellness benefits and the cost savings that are created by health, social service and wellness co-ops