AGM Review

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Review of Annual General Meeting and Learning Event

 We had a great Annual General Meeting and Learning Event in Dartmouth, NS Oct 16 – 18.

Special thanks to Dr. Ron Robichaud, Akerley Campus, North Shore Community College, Mark Sparrow of the NS Co-op Council and Jerry  Jerry MacKinlay, Department of Community Services for organizing participation by between 70 and 80 business students.  They, and all the health co-op representatives, enjoyed best practices by Joel Stoddart who introduced us to the Co-op Orientation program of CareForce and the HansKai presentation by Nor’West.  Peter Hough led us in the first step of our research, defining our vision of the perfect health co-op in the perfect world.

The second part of our meeting was our AGM, full reports are available to all members – just email -Vanessa.  In summary, we are very appreciative of the support we have received from The Co-operators, Vancity, Affinity, Assiniboine, Desjardins and our members throughout the year.  We have worked hard to raise the visibility of the Federation and awareness of the activities and potential of health co-ops across Canada.  We have started on the process of designing and organizing research to identify the advantages that health co-ops offer to communities, members, funders, workers.

We are delighted that we have been accepted as a partner for the October 2014 Global Co-op Summit and will have opportunities to make presentations on behalf of health co-ops in Canada, and that we will represent Canada on the International Health Co-op Organization.   We are planning a number of activities in co-operation with the FCSDSQ.  We will continue to share best practices among our members.

After the AGM the Nor’West team led a number a health co-op members from across Atlantic Canada through the Hans-Kai Health School and certified them as Hans-Kai leaders.