Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle was one of the first programs of the Victoria Health Co-operative.  We have held Choices programs of 4 to 8 sessions at First Met United Church, Our Place, two BC Housing locations and the Public library with wonderful presenters, very well received and really enjoyable for us.

We work with the host organization and, if possible, some of the potential participants, to identify the topics of particular interest and to set the schedule.  Although financial management is the central issue for many people, we suggest that it is best to start with the day-to-day issues:

  • Choices for healthy movement and exercise regardless of your level of mobility
  • Choices for health eating on a tight budget
  • Choices for glamour on a tight budget
  • Choices for recreation and relaxation on a tight budget
  • Choices for transportation on a tight budget and with mobility challenges
  • Choices for best selection of medication, food and other wellness factors
  • Choices for dealing with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety

After the group is comfortable with us, we can tackle “Choices for good financial management even on the tightest of budgets.”

The VHC identifies presenters for each session.  We ask the host and participants to select the topic of interest.  We find that action-oriented, participatory sessions are preferable, but that is subject to the advice of the host.  We schedule a volunteer organizer from the Co-op to be at every session, receive feedback from the participants and presenters and host organizer.  For some of the Choices programs we are able to provide home-made soup and health snacks.  If wished, we prepare posters or flyers for use by the host as reminders.

All our presenters, snack-buyers, organizers and the very important soup-makers are volunteers because we enjoy the programs too.  And because we feel it is a useful way to serve our community.

We ask that, whenever possible, that our out-of-pocket costs are covered and a small honorarium provided for the presenters and organizers.    “Choices” series have been supported by Vancity, BC Housing and the Creating Community Wellness Society.